Dien Chan ABC by Ms Dinh Huong Thao

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Dien Chan is not the only way to take your sickness away, but it is the easiest method of disease prevention, it grants you self-confidence, live happily, healthily and helpfully.
Dien Chan is not magic but miracle.

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  • Fee: 600$ for Dien Chan Basic couse
  • Certified by Prof Bui Quoc Chau
  • Instructor: Dienchanist Dinh Huong Thao
  • Contact Ms Ngoc Anh 093.666.8739 (imes/viber)

Online class

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Giảng viên của chúng tôi | Our Lecture

Cô Đinh Hương Thảo | Ms Dinh Huong Thao

Dinh Huong Thao has many years of experience in research and 5 years of teaching Dien Chan, and she is currently a lecturer of Dien Chan who has taught about 50 Dien Chan Basic courses, training both directly and online.

She is the daughter of Dr Nguyen Thi Quoc Khanh - Chairman of Dien Chan Hai Phong Association - Member of the Executive Board of the City Oriental Medicine Association, who has over 30 years of experience, research, application and teaching Dien Chan in Viet Nam and abroad.

 Therefore, she inherited and developed the quintessence of Dien Chan.

Ms. Dinh Huong Thao is always energetic with attractive communication, helping the students learn forever and never get bored.

In addition, she is passionate about teaching Dien Chan in English, she has taught Dien Chan in English to students from many countries such as the United States, Poland, Mexico, Italy, France ...


  • Study every time and everywhere
  • Proactive time
  • Lifelong learning
  • Consulting 24/7
  • Accompanying you on the way to learn Dien Chan
  • Studying with a team of prestigious and enthusiastic teachers, practical experience and teaching
  • The system of tests after each lesson helps to revise the lesson effectively
  • Online certification

Nội dung chương trình Diện Chẩn căn bản ABC | Dien Chan ABC Content

1. Lớp Làm quen với Diện Chẩn - Dien Chan Easy

At this level, learners will learn the most simple knowledge and techniques of Dien Chan to apply daily in improving the body's resistance. This knowledge, if done regularly and regularly, can bring people health and initiative in their illness.


  • History of Dien Chan - Multi- Reflexology –
  • - Dianogsis and treatment
  • Introducing the great master Bui Quoc Chau
  • What is Dien Chan?
  • Ways to health care and prevention - 12 face morning massages
  • Introduce Diện Chẩn book
  • 6 zones of lymphatic
  • Wrist rotation
  • Rubbing the face with a hot towel
  • Application first aid in Dien Chan
  • Fainted
  • Bleeding
  • Choke: fish bone, fruit pits, ...
  • Cramps

          2. Lớp Thích Diện Chẩn - Dien Chan Basic Class

At this level, learners will use only tools and Reflection Diagrams and Corresponding Diagrams to handle common diseases. Goals: effective, easy to remember, easy to apply.


  • 8 rules treatment without points
  • What is Living point? How to find Living point?
  • Techniques for press points with detector: slow press, fast press, rub, color
  • - 4 Great points (0,127,26,19)
  • Sedation, Pain relief, insomnia
  • - How to distinguish Yin and Yang tools ?
  • - What are basic tools in Dien Chan?
  • Practice neck, shoulde pain by Dien Chan tools

 3. Lớp Yêu Diện Chẩn - Dien Chan Advance Class

At this level, learners are provided with healing techniques by using acupuncture points and fomulars, identifying the causes of diseases, how to examine and make their own treatment fomulars, understanding the using and use of specific fomulars. Answering students' questions according to the actual medical practice.


  • How to distinguish Yin and Yang body?
  • Introduce and guide: wormwood, battery wormwood, electric wormwood
  • Find difficult points.
  • How to use 52 BQC common used
  • Yin and Yang food

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